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Sierra Friends of Tibet (SFOT) is a volunteer based organization dedicated to raising awareness of Tibet. We are located in the beautiful foothills the California Sierra Nevada.


Our Mission

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Sierra Friends of Tibet's mission is to raise awareness of Tibet, to advocate self-determination for the Tibetan people; To end the illegal occupation, the destruction of the natural environment, the eradication of the Tibetan culture, and the continuing genocide of the Tibetan people by the Chinese Communist government.  We promote a peaceful resolution to these issues.





SFOT relies on the generous support from members and donors in our community. No managing volunteer or member of SFOT receives remuneration.  SFOT meetings are open to everyone and input from the community is valuable in our work.



About Tibet


Now or Never: Free Tibet from Ray Ip on Vimeo.

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China Terrorizes Tibet

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Images of March 2008

Revolt in Tibet

Kirti Monastery
Press Release - Monasteries raided in Amdo Province, Tibet - pdf file


Peaceful Protest Against Crackdown in Tibet

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