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Jan 16 - Feb 1, 2015

**Unless otherwise noted all events take place at historic  

St. Joseph's Cultural Center

410 South Church Street,  

two blocks from historic downtown Grass Valley.


Mandala Viewing Hours Daily 10am - 6pm (except during events. Hall opens 1pm Sundays) Additional Parking for St. Joseph's Hall in back of Mt. St. Mary's School (behind St. Joseph's)  off Dalton Street.
Friday, January 16th 7:00 PM  

Vajrapani Sand Mandala Opening Ceremony: Mandala means literally "that which extracts the essence." The sand mandala is an ancient Tibetan art form and is carefully constructed from colored sand particles (in old Tibet ground gems, herbs, minerals) forming an intricate diagram of the enlightened mind and the ideal world. Among the Tibetan arts, this ranks as one of the most unique and exquisite. This Mandala is a representation of Vajrapāṇi is one of the earliest bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism. appearing as the protector and guide of Gautama Buddha and rose to symbolize the Buddha's power. Vajrapani is extensively represented in Buddhist iconography as one of the three protective deities surrounding the Buddha. Holder of the Thunderbolt Scepter symbolizing the power of compassion a means of accomplishing fierce determination and symbolizes unrelenting effectiveness in the conquest of negativity.


Saturday, January 17th TWO EVENTS 
10:00 AM Lecture -Introduction to the Lam Rim (in Tibetan the "stages of the path"), a Tibetan Buddhist textual form for presenting the stages in the complete path to enlightenment as taught by Buddha. (Part 1 in a series of 4 lectures, participate in any or all).  
7:00 PM 6th Annual Indigenous Peoples and Monks Cultural Exchange Night 

Bring the kids! Sacred Music, Dance, Language Exchange, Indian Humor and more.

Sunday, January 18th 3:00 PM  

Four Armed Chenrezig (Buddha of Compassion) Healing Empowerment. The Buddha of Compassion is known as Chenrezig (Tibetan) or Avalokitshevara (Sanskrit), meaning 'liberator from the unfortunate lower rebirths.' Chenrezig pledged in front of all the Buddhas not to attain Buddhahood until all sentient beings were free from the sufferings of samsara. Receiving the empowerment of this Buddha, therefore, provides one with protection from an unfortunate lower rebirth. Chenrezig has many aspects and embodies the Universal Compassion of all the Buddhas of the three times and ten directions. The purpose of the empowerment is to establish a close relationship with Chenrezig and to benefit from his almighty power of compassion. In this era of violence and mental instability, the blessing of Chenrezig is highly sought after, as it helps one to become more peaceful and compassionate, even with the state of current events. The empowerment will also initiate one into the mantra of Avalokitshevara: OM MANI PADME HUM, which contains the essence of all 84,000 volumes of Buddha's teaching.


Tuesday, January 20th 7:00 PM AUBURN  
Vajravidarana Group Healing 
AHmbiance in Gold Country Mall, 2nd floor, 884 Lincoln Highway in Auburn 

Vajravidharan is a ritual of purification and has three stages: purification and removing of negativity and offering protection.

Wednesday, January 21st 7:00 PM  

Lecture - the Lam Rim (in Tibetan the "stages of the path (Part 2 in a series of 4 lectures, participate in any or all).

Friday, January 23rd 7:00 PM  

Blessing of Sacred Objects Followed by Tea Ceremony

Saturday, January 24th AUBURN THREE EVENTS  
10:00 AM Vajrasattva Empowerment (Buddha of Purification) 
AHmbiance in Gold Country Mall, 2nd floor, 884 Lincoln Highway in Auburn 

3:00 PM & 7PM: Studio B,
1519 Grass Valley Highway at Live Oak in Auburn 
3:00 PM Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation. Experience a sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls. The monks will offer a meditation, instruction for using the bowls and answer questions 

7:00 PM Cultural Performance: Traditional chanting, sacred music, dialectical debate, Tibetan Tea Ceremony.  

Sunday, January 25th 3:00 PM  

Medicine Buddha Group Healing Empowerment. Menla (Medicine Buddha) is the embodiment of the power of healing of all the Buddhas. While most of us are used to taking some form of medication on a daily basis, whether that be in the form of prescription drugs, vitamins, or herbal concoctions, rarely do we find that we feel any better. As has been confirmed by both Western and Eastern scientific research, strength of the mind and will has a major role in the process of healing. For millennia our ancestors have been aware of the effect of spiritual practice upon healing, and have used it as a necessary supplement to medication. The Medicine Buddha empowerment is meant to establish a special connection between the participant and the deity. Once this relationship has been developed and strengthened through the empowerment, the participant will become more open to receiving the benefits of the healing powers of all the Buddhas.   


Wednesday, January 28th 7:00 PM 

Lecture - the Lam Rim (in Tibetan the "stages of the path (Part 3 in a series of 4 lectures, participate in any or all).   


Friday, January 30th 7:00 PM  

Cultural Performance Traditional chanting, sacred music, dialectical debate. DIALECTIC DEBATE~ Liberation, in the highest sense, is attained through the fusion of the intellect and intuition. The path to freedom requires wisdom, which can only be achieved through the deep questioning of one's beliefs by both oneself and others. Tibetan Monastic Colleges employ the system of dialectical debate as part of the routine of study for the monks. It is used to dispel doubt and to acquire deep understanding of the subjects being studied. The student is encouraged to question everything related to the topic being discussed (as was also done by Plato and Aristotle in ancient Greece). This is invaluable for sharpening one's wit and testing one's wisdom.


Saturday, January 31st THREE EVENTS 
10:00 AM Lecture - the Lam Rim (in Tibetan the "stages of the path (Final in a series of 4 lectures, participate in any or all). 
3:00 PM Vajrapani Empowerment  

7:00 PM Dissolution Ceremony of Vajrapani Sand Mandala and distribution of sand.

Sunday, February 1st  
Indigenous Peoples and Monks Offer Sand Ceremony to Creeks  
11:00 AM Deer Creek meet in downtown Nevada City at the Bark House 

11:45 AM Wolf Creek meet at Holiday Inn, 121Bank Street in Grass Valley



Like previous visits, people may request personal or group blessings, house or business blessings, and/or Tibetan Astrology readings (a completely different system from traditional western astrology).  And as always, the monks will have a table of handmade weavings, paintings, jewelry and other items for sale, made by Tibetan refugees in the  

Tibetan resettlement area in India.


Call Joseph at 530-798-9576 or email sierrafriendsoftibet@gmail.com



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