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Tibet World Service on the Open Mind Entertainment Network

Thursdays 4-6pm PST  

Hosted and Produced by Joseph Guida


The Tibet World Service is a weekly internet broadcast on every Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 PM in Northern California.

In ancient times Tibet was warlike and conquered most of Asia, then turned peaceful made their weapons into plows, their minds to the spiritual life. Food was plentiful, rivers so pure there was always enough to drink. Buddhism came from India and became Tibetan Culture. Tibet had its own money, stamps, language, and government. Tibetans have eves and a bone structure different from every other Asian race. They had relations and treaties with other countries. It was like this for centuries and protected by the Himalayan mountain range. Then it all began to change.

In 1949 the Chinese Community Party’s Peoples Liberation Army entered Tibet to “liberate” the Tibetans from ????!!!! Today the Tibetan people are most brutally suppressed people on the planet. The unspeakable atrocities of previous decades continue unabated. Over a million Tibetan have fled their home, now called the Tibet Autonomous Region, by their Communist overlords to freedom in exile. Led by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile, Tibetans struggle to keep their culture intact. While in Tibet people struggle to survive in the face of oppression.

The Tibet World Service brings news from Tibet, the Tibetan Diaspora, and from China, India, the United States and all parts of the world. The Tibet World Service focuses on up to minute news and scours the world for any and all information about Tibet and the Tibetan people. The Tibet World Service also features interviews with Tibetans and Tibet supporters, editorials and opinions from the world media, and personal commentary from its host and producer Joseph Guida and broadcasts in English.

Joseph Guida is a longtime friend of the Tibetan people. He started a monthly radio show on Tibet called the Tibetan Radio Hour on a community radio station in Nevada City, California, KVMR-FM in 1991. He founded Sierra Friends of Tibet in 1995 ( , and is the President of Tibetech (,

Now with the power of internet radio news of Tibet and Tibetan people as well as what is happening in China India and India can be heard weekly on your computer or on your Global Net Radio.

The Tibet World Service on Thursdays 4:00 PM California time

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